The Quasitura

What is a Quasitura? Me, I guess. It’s a term I made up many years ago to describe my voice type because I didn’t feel like a full-fledged coloratura. Through finding the right teachers and other helpful forms of bodywork I’ve become more and more comfortable in coloratura rep, but The Quasitura is and always will be a part of my journey.

Why am I doing this? I’m interested in how people are making their careers happen. I have a Master’s in Music from a prestigious Music College in NYC and have worked with opera companies in NYC such as dell’Arte Opera Ensemble, Utopia Opera and Bronx Opera. In the meantime I’ve worked as a waiter, bartender, concierge and marketing director. Through my conversations with fellow singers, it’s become apparent to me that we live in a challenging, but incredibly interesting time. In addition to the more traditional performance opportunities, young musicians are finding their own ways to create meaningful and engaging art, whether by programming recitals, working with duos or small chamber ensembles or even starting their own opera companies. Some individuals perform full-time, others supplement their performance incomes with second jobs about which they are equally passionate. It’s becoming more and more clear that there are about 1000 ways to be a professional musician, so I created this blog to showcase the vast array of opportunities that are available if we open ourselves up to both conventional and unconventional possibilities.

How would one contact me for a delightful conversation about life as a performing artist? Email me at coffeewiththequasitura@gmail.com